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Top Reasons We Should Vote NO on E-SPLOST


1. Stop Wasteful Spending! 

This one-hundred and sixty-six million ($166,000,000) will not go to projects that directly help students learn. The school system has amassed a cash reserve in the amount  of $33 million that could be utilized before taxing citizens more in these tough times. Coweta has stagnant full time student enrollment, so this is NOT the right time to raise over $166,000,000 in new sales taxes. VOTE NO NEW SALES TAXES. 


2. Cowetans will continue to pay too much in both sales taxes and taxes on their homes! 

Biden’s Energy and Inflationary policies have already sent our gas and grocery bills through the roof. If E-SPLOST passes, the average Coweta family will have to pay up to $400+ a year if they spend their disposable income in Coweta County. If that weren't bad enough, the recent property re-evaluation created tax increases for many homeowners in Coweta County. Many had hoped the millage rate would be rolled back, but the Coweta Board of Education voted a tiny savings to the average homeowner of less than $20 a year. VOTE NO NEW SALES TAXES. 


3. STOP Critical Race Theory (CRT)! 

While the School Board wants to raise your taxes, they are refusing to take action against unconstitutional mandates and the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Our children are being taught to hate themselves or each other and the Board won’t do a thing about it. If we defeat this tax increase it will send a message that we want the School Board to get their priorities straight. - STAND UP FOR OUR VALUES - VOTE NO NEW SALES TAXES.

4. No Need for More Taxes

With student enrollment stagnating since 2008 and Coweta’s taxpayer growing by around 20% there is no reason to keep raising our taxes. 

Text or Call 706-452-1811 for a Yard Sign


Advanced In Person Voting will be held at the following locations:

Coweta County Voter Registration Office

22 East Broad Street

Newnan GA 30263


Eastside Advanced Voting Location- Central Community Center

65 Literary Lane

Newnan, GA 30265

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